Superior Industrial is a leading food safety service provider of specialized plant maintenance and modifications services, capital construction, and a wide variety of specialty and craft worker support services to our clients in the food & beverage markets. Our services include our patented Fixxus™ system that creates a monolithic film that resists foreign matter to grow or sustain growth, over multiple existing substrates. The Fixxus™ system has over 12 years of service in some of the harshest environments, can be applied without disruption, and is zero VOC.

Our other specialty services in food & beverage facilities includes floor coatings, roof applications, and insulative coatings applications. Our Regional Business Development managers can assist in developing plant and fleet-wide maintenance programs that provide overall cost reductions with internal performance incentives focused on safety, labor retention, schedule, improved outage performance, and other key performance targets.

The process we use with our clients is collaborative in nature, this in turn helps increase safety performance, maximize productivity, and minimize project schedule durations.

Please visit our Fixxus™ website: for more information.

Other Services


    Superior Industrial Maintenance Company provides shop blasting & coating services using our state-of-the-art facility located in Concord, NC. Only minutes away from Interstate 85, this 20,000 square foot temperature and


    Superior Industrial Maintenance Company provides complete maintenance and restoration services for tanks, silos, and terminals of all sizes.