Superior Industrial is a leading provider of specialized plant maintenance and modifications services, capital construction, and a wide variety of specialty and craft worker support services to our clients in the food & beverage, power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and other industrial markets. Our services include support for ongoing plant operations, regularly scheduled and emergency outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, and other major maintenance projects. We often deliver these services via performance based contracts.

Our specialty is developing plant and fleet-wide maintenance programs that provide overall cost reductions with internal performance incentives focused on safety, labor retention, schedule, improved outage performance, and other key performance targets.

The process we use with our clients is collaborative in nature, this in turn helps increase safety performance, maximize productivity, and minimize project schedule durations.

Other Services


    Superior Industrial Maintenance Company, LLC maintains the following key elements to ensure that our customer’s projects are managed well, the insulation performs as designed, and the project meets or exceeds


    Superior Industrial Maintenance Company provides complete maintenance and restoration services for tanks, silos, and terminals of all sizes.