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Fixxus a division of Superior Industrial Maintenance

Food & Beverage facilities are faced with increasing demands from FDA inspectors and are constantly looking for solutions to mitigate the risk of food recalls. As such, food and beverage customers have relied on Superior Industrial to provide innovative and patented food safety coatings that are included with our Fixxus™ anti-microbial coating systems which mitigates the harborage of pathogens including listeria and e coli on plant walls and ceilings. Our other offerings include tank cleaning, repair and coatings, insulative coatings to help stop condensation and heat transfer, roof coatings, and concrete rehabilitation including grain silos.

Insulated Metal Panel Rehabilitation

USDA or FDA inspectors writing you up for rust, or paint flaking and peeling?  Can’t afford to shut down production to replace panels?  Tired of painting every year? Ready for a real solution?

If you have come this far, you likely know all the problems with Insulated Metal Panels.  A great product, but they don’t last forever. And once the problems start, they never get better; only worse.  You paint the panels, only to find yourself worse off than when you started when paint peels or flakes off.  Does this describe your experience?

FIXXUS utilizes an advanced patent-pending method that

  • Restores panel walls and ceilings to a seamless, gleaming, like-new condition,
  • Drastically reduces your sanitation efforts, including labor, chemicals, water, and energy costs,
  • Sometimes saves hundreds of thousands of the indirect costs necessary for traditional repairs.

In your normal downtime, only FIXXUS can

  • Seal up the gaps that harbor insects and bacteria
  • End the pressure from inspectors
  • Stop corrosion
  • Seal up rodent runs.

Fix the problems once and for all, with FIXXUS Rehab.  Our customers say their facilities are better than ever; close to forever.


Concrete Walls & Ceilings

USDA or FDA inspectors threatening to shut down operations because of concrete crumbling in the ceiling?  Tried every different repair in the book to fix those double-T ceilings, and still getting rust & cracking?  We have the answer…

In most environments, it’s the perfect construction material; cracking doesn’t hurt anything.  But in a Food processing plant, concrete cracking and rebar corrosion is a very big deal.  Safety, product liability, clean-ability, structural deterioration; everything is important. And it only gets worse.  So why does this happen and what do you do when concrete cracks, breaks, and the pieces fall to the floor?  Call FIXXUS for answers and solutions. 

FIXXUS utilizes an approved patent-pending method that, in your normal downtime:

  • Restores flat or double-tee concrete ceilings to a seamless, gleaming, sanitary surface
  • Drastically reduces sanitation efforts; labor, chemicals, water, and energy
  • Eliminates the liability from concrete pieces raining down on employees, equipment, and product.

Only FIXXUS can:

  • End the pressure from inspectors,
  • Stop the corrosion
  • Seal off concrete from moisture
  • Restore your ceilings to what everyone (even customers) want and demand to see in a pristine processing environment. 


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