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Superior Industrial Maintenance was recently featured in the Journal Of Protective Coatings & Linings Magazine (JPCL).  Read the entire article in the July 2021 edition.

Coating projects range in size and scope, and while even the smallest projects require care and attention to detail, the stakes tend to rise as the scale of a project increases. Such was the case when work was needed at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina (Fig. 1), the largest conventional hydroelectric plant owned by one southeastern U.S.-based energy provider. At peak demand, the plant is reportedly capable of producing power for roughly 280,000 local homes, so keeping it well maintained and running efficiently is clearly of critical importance.

A multi-year coating rehabilitation project was recently completed at the plant, which caused the selected coating contractor to get creative with its means and methods of completing the required work. This article details how the con­tractors utilized cranes, barges, an onsite layaway building and a climate-controlled paint shop—all while communicating with the facility owner, multiple subcontractors and third-party inspectors and adhering to stringent environmental guide­lines—to finish the job.

Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina

Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina

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